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Developing young minds and providing guidance with careers and college endeavors to young adults over the past 16+ years has been the most fulfilling dream. We have helped guide over 3,000 families within our local communities and in return have felt the love and support. Our mission was to help families navigate through the complexities of the college admissions and aid process. The goal would be to help each student find assurance and confidence leading up to an important life decision that can jumpstart the next chapters of their lives: academia and career beyond high school. College can be a reality depending on strategy.

As in most life stories, chapters change from one page to the next. It is with heartfelt melancholy that I pen this letter to inform you and your families of the upcoming dissolution of CAPofPA – College Aid. In our history, we have been through economic ups-and-downs and the trials and tribulations of COVID. With much reflection, coupled with a variety of emotions and future planning, the Executive Board of Directors has made the difficult decision to close our business as of May 1, 2024.

There will be 2 phases of our business closure. We will implement Phase 1 in February 2024 for the Class of 2025 and younger families. February 2024 will be the final CAPofPA appointments.

The Class of 2024, our high school seniors, have Phase 2 reserved for them. Our goal is to equip our existing senior class with the tools they need to finalize their college selection in order to complete our service agreement.

We understand this may come as a surprise, and you may have many questions. Please see the following FAQs to help you with these varied questions. We urge you to review such information, as it will provide you with the available resources to ensure your success going forward.

On a personal note, from all of us at CAPofPA, we are thankful and appreciative of every interaction we have had with you from our very beginnings to the present day. We have learned from you as you have learned from us. It has truly been a pleasure to have met and collaborated with you.

Warmest regards,

Leeanna R. Egnor, M. Ed., CCPS
Executive Director
CAPofPA – College Aid


1. What about needing continued college planning services?

We understand many of you may have continued needs for you and your students on your college planning journey.

Please see the provided list of community resources that may provide options for your family’s college planning needs. For specific details about their services, timeline, process, and fees, we encourage you to reach out to them directly through the provided contact information.

Click on the link to access the list: LIST OF COMMUNITY RESOURCES

2. What happens to active clients?
We understand that a few of you may have multi-year contracts. We request you put in writing your request for refund and submit this request for a consideration of a partial refund at the discretion of our insurance company.

Mail your written request to the below address, and we will forward it to our insurance carrier for review. (We will only accept these requests via mail. Digital or emailed requests will not be accepted.)

CAPofPA – College Aid
PO Box 404
Silverdale, PA 18962

  • Until May 1, 2024, which is National Candidate Reply Day, our Senior Class of 2024 will continue to be active, and we will fulfill our service agreement with your student and family at that time.
  • Project Management clients are ineligible for any refund consideration, as you are enrolled with CAPofPA as a “pay-as-you-go” client.
3. What is the timeline of your closing?

We will cease student/family appointments for high school juniors (Class of 2025) and younger throughout the month of February 2024. We will honor and complete any appointment currently scheduled through February 29, 2024. Please note, we will not reschedule canceled or client no show appointments in February 2024.

We will focus on closing our high school senior class through National Candidate Reply Day, which is May 1, 2024. We fulfilled our service agreement as of this date.

Our physical office in Emmaus, PA, will be closed by March 1, 2024.

Should your students need further college planning resources and services, please refer to the above-referenced list of community resources.

4. What about online access to student’s information on Trello?

This will be available to the student and family as a resource. We will not be closing Trello boards, but leaving them active for your future reference.

5. How long will the process take to learn the outcome of the insurance claim?
***Due to the closing of CAPofPA, we will no longer accept any new requests for refunds after this closing date, May 1. 2024.

Our insurance carrier is still reviewing the requests for refund, but a decision should be made within the next few weeks.

We will no longer accept refund requests as of our closing date.

6. What if I have questions about all of this outside of these FAQ’s?

We have set up a separate email address to submit your questions. We would ask that you email your questions to

In light of this business decision, we are reducing office staffing hours to align with the business needs. We will continue to meet our prior communicated service level commitment of returning correspondence within 48-72 hours during our business workweek (M-F).

7. What happens to our information?

We are required to maintain and secure physical documents for 3 years, per your service agreement.

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