College Planning Professionals of Pennsylvania



Preparation for future academic success is the ultimate goal of CAPofPA when engaging with your 10th, 11th, and 12th grader as they formally enter into the college application process. Think back to all that has been accomplished since the very first day of kindergarten!

You, as the parent, have most likely been the grand administrator of learning and life. Checking homework, meeting with teachers, driving to practices, and attending recitals. The next step into college is a BIG one because it is a SHIFT of responsibility – the future success of your student is entirely in their hands.

CAPofPA acts as the ultimate guide, cheerleader, and expert as you and your child navigate choices, a new process, and a myriad of responsibilities. With your student in the driver’s seat, we empower their organization, communication, and ability to take charge of their future learning and life choices.

Meeting the Needs of Your Child Through the College Process

  • RPersonal Growth
  • RCommunication
  • RSelf Awareness
  • RSelf Advocacy
  • RConfidence
  • RSpoken Word
  • RAttention to Detail

Senior High Engagement & timeline

The following outline is used as a guide following your student’s pace and the parameters of college application deadlines. As the interests and abilities grow and flux with your child’s continued development, CAPofPA is invested in the personal success your child will achieve!

#1 - Red

Student Academic Profile Review

  • Review of transcript and grades
  • Introduction to SAT/ACT exams and schedules

Current/Future Schedules

  • Enrollment of classes

Major Discussion and/or Career Assessment

  • Results & Discussion
  • Intro to Research

College Preferences

  • Discussion and Review of student and family preferences
    • These preferences will be used to identify recommended colleges in the future. Schools are recommended based on this and the student’s majors of interest, academic statistics, and family financial preferences.

Resume Development

  • Student Activity Listing and Discussion
#2 - Orange

Career Research Discussion

  • Feedback/further discussion on student-driven research notes
  • Identifying & Solidifying academic/career objectives

Resume Re-Visited

  • Continual updates for each admissions appt
  • Shadowing prospects
  • Education and Summer programs
  • Enterprising ideas

New College Email Address

  • Creation/functionality
  • How to write emails
#3 - Amber

College Research Discussion

  • Feedback/further discussion on student driven-research notes
  • Identifying and Building of Student’s College List
  • Continued major discussion and review of program curriculum
  • College Preference update
#4 - Yellow

Admissions Timeline Review and Expectations

College Essays

  • Brainstorm/drafting of Self Identity essay (Common Application essay)
  • Discussion of Self – Appraisal essay (if needed)
  • Discussion of Why THIS school?
  • Discussion of Why THIS major?

***Students will receive notes from counselor on how to execute these rough drafts with DUE DATE issued at appt

Resume Re-Visited and Draft Review

  • All significant resume-related items reviewed for updates
  • Continual updates for each admissions appt going forward

Teachers/Other Recommenders

  • Identify 2-3 Core Subj teachers & 2 OUTSIDE references (Coach, Scoutmaster, Shadowing Contact)
  • Recommendation to schedule family/student appt with Guidance Counselor on HS process for transcript submission

College List Updates

  • Review of student and family updates on college visit lists and application lists
  • Discussion of student feedback to manage the development of building the college list
#5 - Green

Review of College Admissions Workshop items and Essay Draft(s)

  • Review/Final edit of essay
  • Brainstorm identifiable answers to 12 + questions
  • Questions to ask for admissions/departmental tours
  • Mock interview training (grade report issued in each appt following)

Resume Re-Visited

  • Summer Program/Enrichment experiences scheduled
  • Shadowing/interning/community service & other significant activities scheduled

College List Updates

  • Review of student and family updates on college visit lists and application lists
  • Discussion of student feedback to manage the development of building the college list

Financial Aid & College Planning Scheduling of Family appointments begins

Director of Financial Education will conduct Individual Family Discussions on the below:

  • The financial timelines
  • Your family’s college financial aid snapshot
  • The financial aid process
  • Preparing your family with documents needed to complete your student’s FASFA/CSS Profile financial aid applications in the near future.
#6 - Turquoise Blue

College List Completed

  • Review of student and family updates on college visit lists and application lists
  • Finalization of College Application List

Execution of ALL Admissions Applications

  • Applications/Supplements including separate college supplemental essay brainstorming and drafting

Confirm Teacher/Other Recs

  • Official transcripts sent
  • Official Test Scores sent
  • Receive Admissions Application Approval for Student/Family Self-submission
    • Director of Admissions has 48-72 hours to review completed applications prior to family submission
#7 - Indigo

Institutional/Honors and Merit Scholarships

  • Marketing & Merit Strategies introduced
  • Each college’s institutional/honors opportunity seized
  • Procedural marketing strategy with colleges
  • Resume Re-Visited and Updates

FAFSA/CSS Profile Education and Assistance

  • Overview and Directions on completion of federal and institutional financial forms (FAFSA, CSS, and institutional forms)


  • Intro to and Creation/functionality of Fastweb
  • Brainstorm relevant fits for other local and private scholarships (hence resume)
#8 - Violet

Touchbase Updates with Student

  • Resume Re-Visited and Updates
  • College Admissions and Financial Award Updates
  • Procedural marketing strategy with colleges
  • Continuation of institutional student marketing strategies

College Award Analysis and Appeals Process Introduction

  • College Award Analysis Conducted
  • Unique process reviewed for each student and family on college appeals

College Loan and Payment Education and Review

  • Education and Overview of college loan and payment choices including Stafford, Parent Plus, Alternative Student Loans and Payment Plans

**Parent attendance MAY be requested during Red, Yellow, Turquoise Blue, Indigo and Violet phases of the timeline.