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What if your child began to explore their passions, interests, and abilities during their junior high and middle school years?

This is what the CAPofPA Junior High Exploration Program is all about!

Our Program fills a deep void that most school settings are not currently capable of filling: How to increase a student’s self esteem and confidence through offering a broader understanding of the world of work, planning ahead, self advocacy, and seeking enrichment opportunities.

While ‘blame’ could be placed on tight budgets, lack of extra staffing, and the COVID virtual school crisis, students between 7th and 9th grade are missing a crucial moment of personal development. Learning how to learn and setting personal goals at this age provides a launching point for future success in the classroom, college, and beyond.

Feeling confident and sure of one’s own strengths and interests are key ingredients to a positive high school experience leading up to college.


Bring to Your First Appointment
  • RMost recent report card
  • RList of clubs, extracurricular activities and/or sports
  • RHonors/awards, if any
  • R3 ring binder with note pad and sleeves for portfolio
  • RAn excitement to discover more about what you love!
Focus by Grade
  • R7th grade: Focus on student identity, student development, & strengths
  • R8th grade: Preparation for 9th grade & taking charge of what is ahead
  • R9th grade: Foundational year for taking initiative & ownership of personal growth & learning
  • RCAPofPA adjusts to the individual needs of the student
  • rBring your journal/portfolio to ALL of your appointments
  • rCheck your Trello board for updates
  • rYou are in charge of your own learning!
  • rAsk for help when you need it, we are here for you!
  • rWe are so very excited to working together!
There is no time too early to engage with CAPofPA when your child is progressing through middle school. We seek to enhance all that your child is learning and discovering!

Self Awareness & Affirmation

Through getting to know your student and using identity mapping and personal strengths assessment, a journey of discovery is taken to learn how to set personal goals.

Self Esteem & Confidence

Through engagement with CAPofPA, your middle school child will be empowered to take hold of their own learning journey. Through this process, self esteem and confidence are found!

The Ability to Plan for the Future

As your student reaches new personal goals and gains a broader understanding of how their talents and interests can be applied outside of the classroom, future ideas and plans are validated as in their control.

Junior High Exploration Program Road Map

The following outline is used as a guide, but not intended to be overly rigid. As the interests and abilities grow and flux with your child’s continued development, CAPofPA is invested in the personal success your child will achieve!

Phase #1: Grape
  • Getting to know you – interview questions
  • Portfolio/Journal Introduction
  • Identity Mapping Activity
  • Personal Strengths Assignment
  • Review of Junior High School Timeline
Phase #2: Strawberry
  • Review progress on Personal Strengths Assignment
  • Introduction to Career Family Tree Assignment
Phase #3: Kiwi
  • Review results of the interest inventory
  • O*Net
    • Introduction and Explanation
    • Review the top three career clusters
    • Research different careers based on the clusters
Phase #4: Orange
  • Review Career Clusters Assignment Progress
  • Assignment: Career Interview
Phase #5: Pineapple
  • Identify Job Shadowing prospects
  • Develop a call/ email strategy
  • Following up with prospects
Phase #6: Watermelon

Volunteering and Summer Programs:

  • Volunteering project
  • Research summer programs



Successful identity exploration which will lead to increased self-esteem and confidence
Offer students a broader understanding of the world of work & see their eventual place in it

Increase students’ knowledge of career options and how to reach their goals

Students can better plan high school courses of study and pursue outside-the-classroom enrichment