College Planning Professionals

CAPofPA is a non-profit, which is different from most college guidance organizations. When we decided to open our doors to students and families in the Lehigh Valley and beyond, being a non-profit was very important to us to communicate that our decisions were always going to reflect what is best for our community.

  • CAPofPA seeks to provide college guidance to all who seek guidance
  • Every dollar is reinvested back into the organization to continue to provide college guidance services and student support
  • CAPofPA cannot be bought or sold
  • We stand for community and strive to support families during a very important moment of decision making and growth

Most of all, the CAPofPA mindset is one of giving. Seeking your college best fit is not about ‘who gets ahead first’, but rather asking the question, ‘How will I best be prepared for what is next?’.

Our one office location is in Emmaus, PA. CAPofPA is not a franchise, nor part of any other organization.

CAPofPA is here to help families navigate every step of the college search and admissions process.

Assisting students with admissions related tasks such as essay development, application review, interviewing, and admissions timeline management is only the surface of our job. We ‘dig deep’ to allow all students to explore their life path forward in all that is yet to come! CAPofPA is your child’s greatest guide and advocate during a tremendous time of life transition.

Through career counseling we assist students to explore their passions, interests, and skills as they relate to majors and programs while simultaneously developing their resume and list of prospective schools. CAPofPA provides a comprehensive pathway to the college planning and admissions process.

Common Questions & Answers

Why do we need CAPofPA to assist with our child’s college process?
CAPofPA eases students and families into the ever-anxiety provoking college hunt. We break down the process into manageable tasks for students to accomplish in a timely, well-structured manner. Students take an in-depth look at majors and programs, giving them the opportunity to identify future career paths and further develop their sense of identity. This action not only reduces student stress but also builds confidence as they enter the next important stage of their life. In addition to easing student stress, families are given peace of mind as we provide guidance and answers to financial education questions.

Your child is given the individual attention that they need to feel confident in their work and decisions. Our 20+ years of experience and knowledge provides our clients with an admissions advantage.

Does working with CAPofPA place my child at an advantage over the support they would obtain at their school or homeschool environment?
From our many years of working with students in all high school educational environments, we know that the most valuable resource that well intentioned college guidance counselors are lacking is simply time.

In the wake of COVID, CAPofPA is experiencing a boom of interest in our private services because students are simply not provided the academic, emotional, and application process support that is needed in their school setting. Deadlines are missed, emotions run high, and opportunities are lost.

From the beginning of founding CAPofPA as a non-profit, it is our mission to serve every student and family as valued individuals with unique needs and awesome futures ahead.

How has the COVID pandemic impacted the college application and admissions process?
Due to COVID, the lives of our children have been placed in a holding pattern. Students have been presented with a mirage of hurdles throughout the past year. Emotions of confusion, isolation, frustration, and exhaustion are expressed by our students (and parents) to us on a weekly if not daily-basis. From adapting to a new way of learning to no longer being able to connect with a friend during lunch period, students are struggling in new ways than their parents or teachers ever did.

At CAPofPA, we are turning struggles into resilience. Our students are finding opportunities through the pandemic to make an impact and stand out among their peers. The extra support system of our staff and advisors helps remind them that they are never alone. Helping the whole child – academic and emotion – is what we love to do the most.

How does CAPofPA uniquely support my child?
It is our job at CAPofPA to know everything we can about your child first. While ‘getting into college’ may be the end goal that will be obtained, we instill a unique confidence in our students to boldly be in charge of their learning.

More than 99% of our students graduate in 4 years and remain at their institution of choosing. This statistic is a reflection of our process of knowing the unique abilities, talents, passions, and aspirations of your child. Together, we work to make sure nothing is holding them back from all that is possible.

How does CAPofPA work with and support our family to understand and engage in the financial aid application process?
Every family has its own unique needs and financial resources when it comes to paying for college. From the beginning of our work together, we speak openly not only about your student’s academic goals, but also your financial strategy.

As a custom list of targeted schools is prepared with your child’s goals in mind, we integrate your financial position into the process. We find the ‘sweet spot’ between merit and aid available so that your child has choice while attending a school that provides a proper ROI.