College Planning Professionals of Pennsylvania


What is CAP Cornerstone?

CAP Cornerstone is a program designed for college-aged students who have already graduated high school. Whether you are currently enrolled in an undergraduate program or looking to apply for one, we can help!

Within the ‘new’ parameters of COVID and attending college, no standard of service to existing students has yet been set. Many current college students have faced 2020 and 2021 learning virtually without the full classroom and support experience that was originally sought after.

Undergraduate Transfer Assistance

Since each state and institution continues to have individual rules, regulations, and requirements for on campus learning (and to what extent and capacity), more students than ever are examining multiple options on their journey to graduate.

Students who have been forced to learn remotely are stressed, tired, teaching themselves, and disappointed in their overall college experience. CAPofPA is here as a rejuvenating resource to help guide college students through any transfer considerations.

Postgraduate Guidance & Support

Unfortunately, we are hearing from many students who are seeking postgraduate study and work who are NOT receiving the proper care and guidance from their institution:

  • Resume writing
  • Graduate school guidance
  • GRE direction and graduate school application support
  • LSAT direction and law school application support
  • MCAT direction and medical school application support
  • Postgraduate financial aid guidance

Possible lack of employment opportunities, research, internships, and an overall ‘depression of opportunities’ has been expressed by current undergraduates who seek more than what they are experiencing. CAPofPA is here to provide the needed order of operations, skill set, and tools for the continuation of studies beyond the initial 4-year bachelor degree.

We work with students who are:

  • RCurrent undergraduates
  • RTransfer students from a 2-year or 4-year program
  • RUndergraduates looking to enter a Graduate program

We help students achieve their professional and academic goals by focusing on five cornerstones of the college process:

  • 1. Academic Advisement
  • 2. Professional Career Development
  • 3. Financial Aid Support
  • 4. Admissions Application Assistance
  • 5. College Search Process
1. Academic Advisement
  • RGPA management
  • RStudy skills navigation and advice
  • RTime management guidance
2. Professional Career Development
  • RCareer assessment(s) and interpretation
  • RResume development and review
  • RNetworking assistance– internships, summer programs, volunteer opportunities
  • RInterview preparation and mock interviews
3. Financial Aid Support
  • RAnalysis and review of family’s financial educational goals and objectives
  • RRecommendations of enhancing financial eligibility
  • REducation and assistance on completion of federal and institutional financial forms (FAFSA, CSS Profile and institutional-specific financial forms)
  • RFinancial education workshops
  • RScholarship recommendations and review
4. Admissions Application Assistance
  • RGraduate and transfer admissions timeline review
  • RActualization of reasons supporting student transfer or pursuing graduate school
  • RDiscussion of communication strategy with advisor and transfer coordinator/graduate admissions counselor
  • RApplication assistance and essay review
  • RSupport of procedure post submission of application(s)
* Additional fee applicable
5. College Search Process
  • RSchool/program recommendations based on college preferences, academic statistics, financial cost strategies, and program/major of interest
  • RReview of college lists, including those that the student is interested in visiting and applying to
  • REducation on researching colleges specific to each student
* Additional fee applicable